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11:23 am: turtle fucker
in the third dream there is an old man
he is on the beach
he waits until a giant sea turtle comes to lay her eggs on the beach
after she lays her eggs he comes up to her and cuts off her shell
inside the shell are the brilliant colors of internal organs and bright yellow strings of fat
he takes off the shell and gets inside
and makes love to the turtle
he cries as he makes love
-i understand, you are the suffering of the world
after he makes love to the turtle it dies
and he sends it back out into the ocean
he is still weeping
he collects the eggs and raises them at his mansion
away from the poachers
all in all he actually helps the overall turtle population
he loves the turtles
but because of this love
a few turtles have to be cut open so that he can make love to them
he writes a book
he is a famous author and wildlife conservationist

Местонахождение: the city where children weep in a salty lake
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