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11:49 pm: hyper-pastoral
what was I on about
flies cover my monitor

the page fills and fills
and there is no pastoral

the news paperboy tells me
the difference is mute

that a hyper-pastoral can be found
in all the cracks

is not your stomach a great mysterious ocean
your mouth a jungle

I ride in the train
my species grows fat

the cells awaiting the famine that always seems
to stay in one place

there is no pastoral I tell myself
leaning against a tree painted white

watching boys in sport pants
plant empty seeds into the ground

I turn to her
who says

are we not all in some porno titled
Lunch With the Naughty, children

watch the metro pass
held by the hand

their legs are
said to have taught humanity the arts

of medicine, writing, and agriculture
later they will sneak out of their homes

write crooked swastikas on rusty garages
break branch over branch

wishing for swords they torture a puppy
they insert a pencil into its ass

the entire thing
until it is lost


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Date:Июль 14, 2007 08:48 pm
привет петя
приходи завтра в "улицу оги" к 16 - там кино хорошее обещают показать
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Date:Июль 15, 2007 07:24 pm

это сегодня?

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Date:Июль 16, 2007 03:56 am

Re: это сегодня?

это было в воскресение(
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